10 easy ways to update your space

10 easy ways to update your space

Looking for easy ways to update your home?  Check out these ten tips to update your space without breaking the bank.

  1. Dazzling Dine – Head your throne, break up the monotony of using alike chairs when styling your dining room table.  Showcase your style by using a different chair style at the head of your table.  If you have already purchased a complete set, steal two chairs and use them at a console table in an entry way, a vanity dresser, or the sideboard in your living room.
  2. Shade/No Shade – Update your outdated lampshades to a modern feel.  Replace those pleated shades for simple drum shaped shades.  Create a vintage feel to your space by adding a modern lamp shade to an antique base.
  3. Paint or Paper – Lighten up the inside of a cabinet or bookcase by painting or adding stylish wall paper décor to your kitchen cabinets or study room bookcase.
  4. My Space – Often times we spend time, money and energy decorating spaces that will be appreciated by others. While you want others to enjoy your space, it is equally important for you to spend just as much thought and energy in designing areas of your home that you spend most of your time.  Take one object (art, lamp, furniture) and use it to fuel your inspiration for designing your favorite space.
  5. Date your Pillows – Swap out those coordinated sofa pillows that you inherited when you purchased your sofa.  Update sofa décor to pillows with removable covers that can be changed to fabrics your love.  Use the change in seasons to mix up your sofa décor with different colors, patterns and graphics.
  6. Light up the Night – Change out builder basic light fixtures to statement chandeliers, lanterns or pendants. Entry ways, dining rooms or kitchen islands are a great place to make a statement by updating your lighting.
  7. Shower with Flowers – Shower your home and self with fresh flowers.  On your next run to the super market, pick up a bouquet of tulips, lilies or an assortment.  The kitchen, living room and entry ways are great places to display the arrangements.
  8. Redress your Windows – Liven up a space with colorful window accents.  Swap them out seasonally to completely change the look of your space.
  9. Traveling Accents – Pair your decorative accents in different rooms of your home.  You’d be surprised at how that patio garden stool can transform to the perfect accent table in your living room.
  10. Your Life the Galleria – Hang your most memorable photos together as a gallery wall.  Use different frame sizes and matte to display your life.  Small photographs and artwork can have a major design impact and can be installed in a breeze.


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