Meet RitaTrice

HI I’m RitaTrice.


My background is in interior decorating which has led me to all things design.  I am a DIYer at heart.  I have a virtual bookmark with tons of weekend do it yourself projects.  There is not a day that goes by where I’m not shopping for furniture and décor.  Even my toiletries run to the local store turns into “Oh this would work great in the ______ room”.  When my husband and I purchased our first home, I seized the opportunity to create my own sandbox.  I played with every color, decorative material and floor plan design that I dreamed.  The first three and a half years of ownership teetered between blank canvas rooms (I’ll go without until I can get what I want) and showroom ready spaces.

I love decorating and designing warm, cozy spaces that are full of color and life.  I am naturally analytical (I know not the norm for a creative) but this skill helps me to solve design problems quite easily.  With five children, design budgets are tight, so I quickly learned how to use inexpensive tricks to decorate our home.

When I am not designing I usually spend time unwinding with a glass of wine and the television tuned to the season’s DVR recorded shows.


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Happy Designing!


Interested in hearing more about me?  Check out these 41 random things about me.

41 random things about me

  1. Call me Rita (but I’ll answer to Rita or Trice).
  2. I was born in 1979. My hometown is known for blues, bbq and a pink Cadillac. (Memphis, TN)
  3. I am usually very focused unless I’m designing then I become like the dog off the movie “Up” (Squirrel!!!)
  4. I usually give away my possessions instead of selling (I’m to lazy to broker a sale).
  5. I am a neat freak, but my five children are determined to change me (and they are winning).
  6. I was captain of a dance team in high school.
  7. I love pop music but never know the artist or song title.
  8. My dream vacation, is anyplace with a beach, white sand and crystal blue water.
  9. I am looking forward to being 53 and kid free.
  10. I want to renew my vows on a beach in Hawaii at sunset wearing an all white swimsuit.
  11. I’m the mother of five but I REFUSE to drive a minivan.
  12. I married an extrovert musician that also happens to be a people loving IT nerd.
  13. The hardest time for me was when my mom suffered a stroke in 2013.
  14. My husband calls me a coupon warrior (if I don’t have my coupons, I won’t buy)
  15. I experienced teenage acne at 30.
  16. I am passionate about teaching kids financial responsibility and economics.
  17. I like sweets, potatoes and bread (my kryptonite).
  18. I hate green smoothies.
  19. I am moved to tears watching people accomplish their dream.
  20. I have a B.A. in management and half Master’s in business.
  21. I’ve decided to not pursue my Master’s degree.  Would rather check off my bucket list.
  22. I love white chocolate champagne dipped Shari’s berries.
  23. I exercise but not because I like it.
  24. I graduated number 5 in my high school class.
  25. If I were in the movie Divergent I’d be Candor (the honest), Dauntless (the brave) and Abnegation (the selfless).
  26. I watch animated movies and cartoons even when my kids aren’t around.
  27. My favorite movies are Devil wears Prada, Coyote Ugly and The Five Heartbeats.
  28. My favorite color is brown (No, really!!! I live in a big brown house).
  29. I am an introvert, but an extrovert lives in my head (requires self filter).
  30. I hate to repeat myself or do things twice (because they weren’t done right the first time).
  31. I like killing multiple birds with one stone.
  32. I will go without until I can get what I want.
  33. I have expensive taste.  My husband’s nickname is Swiper (Dora’s nemesis)
  34. I shop EVERY aisle in furniture and décor stores.
  35. I’m sometimes a rebel without a cause.
  36. I get exceptionally crabby when I am hungry or tired.
  37. I tell my kids that “I’m going to bust their ribs up” (tickle them).
  38. I met my husband online.
  39. I hate rollercoaster rides.
  40. I’ll forgo fashion before interior design.
  41. I can’t live without my iPad, denim jeans and a cotton tee.