Capture Valentine’s in a frame

Capture Valentine’s in a frame

Capture those lover’s quotes in a picture frame to make the moment last beyond the holiday.

framed cards displayed

I adore the flowers, candy and stuff animals that accompany Valentine’s Day.  I am always looking for ways to extend their life span.  Over the years I have accumulated a number of cards that were just to sweet for a day.  This year I decided to frame those cards and display them as art in our master closet (remodel currently in progress).  All you need to capture the thought is:

  • Holiday Cards
  • Frame size of your choice
  • Scissors

Once you have your supplies use the frame to cut the card front to desired size, insert card art into frame, display and enjoy.

valentines card framed 2



valentines, card art, keepsake, picture frame







As an additional keepsake, fold down the card internal message and place it behind the card art.  It will be a great time capsule nugget to find later when you are ready to change out your card art.


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