Under Construction Master Closet Edition

Under Construction Master Closet Edition

Earlier this year I began work on redesigning our build basic master bedroom closet.  My design inspiration was to create a closet that resembled a notable designer’s fashion boutique. I wanted a space that felt as though it is located store front on Rodeo Drive. Although I am not a label kinda girl (today), I am a firm believer that fashion and style are all about the presentation. Being raised by a mother and father that spent the majority of their career working as packaging employees in a wear house, I wasn’t afforded the ability to rock the coolest designer tags. It wasn’t until I began working at 15 that I was able to consistently wear labels and update my style. My closet essentials during my teenage years were Tommy Hilfiger, Dockers, Duckheads and Air Max. Today, that’s not the case. I generally purchase what I like name brand or not. As I mentioned in my 41 random things about me post, I will forgo fashion before interior design so it is no surprise that while my closet may be designed as a luxury mini boutique, not all its contents are. Before the transformation began, my closet was what I call organized chaos. There was clothes, toys, important documents, children projects (to be used in future decor), etcetera. Now given I knew exactly where to find everything. It still wasn’t a true representation of who I am. Check out before pic below.

So, my husband and I decided it was time to rip out those builder basic rods and install straight edge panels and shelves.  The process to begin was fairly easy. First, we removed all wall mounted rods.  Then, we putted and painted over the holes left behind.  Putty and paint took about two days.  Afterwards we had a contractor come in to professionally install the panels and shelves as designed.

Next, we added towel and coat racks, designer trays, art, figurines, picture frames and jewelry trees.  The end result?

Revealed March 2015…..

Master closet entry


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