When it all comes together….

When it all comes together….

master bedroom bedding

Today I completed staging for our master bedroom redesign that is currently in progress.  It is such an accomplishment to see the décor pull together as designed.  The inspiration for the décor was fueled by the wall art displayed above the night stands.  Aside from the GREAT price, what I love most about the artwork is its color variations.  Given that I am continuously changing out décor, it is great to have an art piece that can flow in any direction that I choose.

master bed his nightstand

master bed hers nightstand









The color scheme for this design is Navy, Taupe and Gold. A key to balancing design lays in detail and variation.  Using different variations of scheme tones, adds depth and blend to décor.  In this design there are varying tones of light blue, navy, taupe, cream, and gold.  We are still in limbo as to what wall paper accent and art piece to add over the bed so those will be selected after the conversational sitting room is installed.

Check back late March for full room reveal…


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